About TimeWhy?s

TimeWhy?s turn on the 60s!

Think back to an era filled with freedom and good times. A generation when the counterculture influenced bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. A time when wonderful music filled with guitars, keyboards and harmonies could be heard on your favorite AM radio stations.

TimeWhy?s (Tom Drago, Dave Follweiler, Gene Cullison, Frank Drago, and Jeff Bennison) perform the great music of the 1960s, recreating those captivating, melodic sounds.  They pride themselves on reproducing many of the original performance’s intricate details in the songs they perform, because they believe you should hear these songs as you remember them. Nearly everyone who’s heard the band has been impressed by the quality of their vocals and harmonies.

In keeping with the creative spirit of the Sixties, TimeWhy?s also compose and perform original music, including “Paint Me Happy” and “All I Know” which can be heard here on our website as well as BandCamp, ReverbNation, and SoundCloud. Their love of Sixties songcraft comes shining through in their own music. Their goal is to be considered one of the top Sixties bands AND original-music bands in Pennsylvania.

TimeWhy?s are professional, accomplished musicians with positive, friendly attitudes, who are willing to make every possible effort at making their performances successful, including the use of social media to keep their fan base informed. They believe there is a huge demand for Sixties music that’s performed faithfully and energetically.

Whether it’s a festival, concert, private corporate function, class reunion or a nightclub engagement, TimeWhy?s consider it an honor to bring to life some of the most electrifying music of our time, and to revive those special moments in rock and roll history.